Update: Latchkey has hired!

Update: Latchkey has hired!

UPDATE: Our opening has been filled, thank you all so much for your interest! It means so much. And keep your eye on this space and our Insta for more down the line, hopefully. 


Many folks have asked, and now the time has finally arrived: Latchkey is hiring!

The details of the job are below. Please read them!  If you have previous retail experience and an interest in the stuff we carry, maybe this part-time gig is for you!

How to Apply

  1. Read the job description below and see if it's a good fit
  2. Email work@shoplatchkey.com with:
    1. A resume or something else that gives me a sense of your work history
    2. A paragraph or two on why you wanna work here. Don't overthink this or make it formal -- just tell me why you're interested!

The Process

Please send in your materials ASAP -- this will fill fast, I expect. I'll keep it open at least 1 week, until 9/7/22, but may start interviews before then.

I'll reach out to the top handful of folks for an interview, either in-person or on video is fine! Whatever you prefer. If I've got a tough call, I might reach out with a short follow-up.

I'll also do my best to reply to everyone, even if I'm not hiring you! I'm super grateful for every single person interested in this position, even if I can't hire you all. 

Job Description

  1. Job Title: Store Clerk (Part-Time)

  2. General Areas of Responsibility and Tasks

    1. The Store Clerk is responsible for ensuring that every customer has an excellent in-store experience at Latchkey. They will have a good understanding of the merchandise, procedures, and values of the store and bring those to bear as they shepherd customers from entry to sale.

    2. Store Clerk Duties:
      1. Prepare and open store according to opening checklist
      2. Greet customers warmly and thank them for visiting the store
      3. Offer insights on Latchkey merchandise as appropriate
      4. Process all in-store sales transactions, returns, and exchanges
      5. Play Latchkey-stocked music on the store record player
      6. Refresh merchandise on store floor as time allows
      7. Create a relaxed, inviting atmosphere for shoppers
      8. Assist in creation of social media content promoting the store
      9. Update owner in a timely fashion on obstacles or challenges that arise
      10. Close and lock store according to closing checklist

    3. Store Clerk Hours and Compensation:
      1. The Store Clerk must be able to work a regular schedule, including weekends, of at least 18-24 hours/week
      2. The Stork Clerk position pays a rate of $15/hour 
      3. Merit raises may be considered after six months based on performance

    4. Store Clerk Requirements and Qualifications:
      1. Previous in-person retail experience of at least 1 year; preferably more
      2. Excellent customer service, communication, and listening skills
      3. Familiarity with the music and pop culture of the ‘80’s and ‘90’s
      4. Experience with point-of-sale systems and practices
      5. Ability to adapt/respond to different types of personalities
      6. Punctuality, attention to detail, and ability to perform duties independently
      7. Ability to work a consistent schedule, including regular weekend hours
      8. Good communication and listening skills
      9. A knack for connecting with customers from all walks of life

  3. Physical Requirements
    1. The employee is required to regularly move about the store
    2. The employee may have to lift or move boxes of up to 50 pounds
    3. There may be extended periods of sitting or standing

  4. Dress Code
    1. Fun/friendly t-shirt or other casual top, ideally one with a reference to the ‘80s or ‘90s (this may be provided to you)
    2. Clean, casual attire like jeans and sneakers

  5. Accountability
    1. Reports to store owner (Marc Faletti)

  6. Methods of Accountability
    1. Regular check-ins by text or phone with store owner
    2. Occasional in-person oversight by store owner
    3. Performance review as required

  7. Rules of Accountability 
    1. Employees who violate Latchkey’s rules and regulations will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.
    2. Employees with irregular attendance, disrespectful attitudes, or disregard for store property will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.
    3. Employees receiving substantive complaints from customers will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

  8. Final Details
    1. Latchkey is an equal opportunity employer. Folks from all genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, beliefs, identities, lifestyles, and more are invited to apply!
    2. This position is available as described through December 2021, after which time its hours or requirements may be adjusted significantly.


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Update: Latchkey has hired!
Update: Latchkey has hired!
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